Angel Checks can help you make sure you get a great team for your corporation and business.

With our regulated and proven background screening and verification services, you will be certain that people you hire will be your company’s greatest asset instead of a ticking time bomb that may cost you in the long run.

(USD) in revenue loss due to employee fraud
of organizations don’t background screen contingent workers

Why you need Pre-employment Background Check

Pre-Employment Background Checks also allow you to uncover other possible risks such as criminal background, education, financial probity, business interest, etc

If you’re like many modern employers, the very make-up of your workforce is changing. You may be looking to supplement your regular workforce with temporary and contract workers, vendors, consultants, interns, and sometimes volunteers to help keep your organisation moving forward.

Given this tidal shift in the very nature of employment, it’s critically important that you don’t create unnecessary gaps in your screening programs.

A Business success often relies on a dedicated, close knit and trustworthy group of people working to achieve a similar goal. Building a base of good, honest and hardworking employees is crucial to your business. An employees personality is more important than his skill because one person can uplift or demoralise your entire business.

When employees abuse the trust placed on them at the workplace, it can cost your business financially.

Angel Checks provides the intimate details before you tie-the-knot with an employee or temporary workforce. 

pre employment background checks

How Does Background Screening Help Your Company?

Hiring managers have a huge task to weed out the good potential employees from the bad. Surveys done by a recruitment agency found that after speaking to thousands of hiring managers, it was found that more than half of them found job candidates were not honest on the their resumes often over inflating their skills and achievement and in some cases even their degrees and diplomas were fake. They are also often caught fibbing on the scope of responsibilities and job experience they did on their previous job. To avoid getting a bad apple, a pre employment check is a must in this day and age. Due diligence is required to avoid loss in productivity and profit. AngelChecks can help you in that front. Get in touch with us today.


  • Profits
  • Safety
  • Advantage
  • chance to get the right person


  • Risk
  • Attrition
  • Incompetance
  • Theft
  • Lawsuits

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Sign up with Angel Checks and you’ll be in good company. Angel Checks works closely with our customers, including top earning companies in Malaysia. Many of these innovative and successful organization trust Angel Checks for our technologically advanced, industry-leading know how and superior customer service.

“ We have engaged Angel Checks to carry out Security checks on our current and new employees. Angel Checks have helped us in reducing fraud in the applications, reducing cost of rehiring as we are now hiring the right person for the job. We have saved thousands as we managed to catch the fraud applicants at very early stage.”
Adrian – Selangor.
” We had a situation with an employee where, the employee was employed at a senior managers position but could not perform the duties well based on the experience and certification set forth in the CV. We then engaged Angel Checks to conduct a background check and found that the certificates , experience and companies where the person worked were all fake information. Angel Checks got all the evidence in hard copies and did a very thorough job in getting the evidence for us to make a decision on the employee. We thank you Angel Checks for helping us safe our valuable reputation.”
Anonymous - Selangor

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