What are Employment Checks and Screening

Employment Checks and Screening or Pre-Employment Screening is a procedure an individual or companies uses to make sure that the employee they are about to hire for their company is exactly the ones whom they claimed to be, and offers an opportunity for someone to check individual’s education employment history, criminal record and other activities they are doing in their lives or happened in their past to make sure their cogency. In some countries, whether you are purchasing a firearm, or buying a new apartment or applying for a new position in a company, you have to go through a background check and Pre Employment Screening.

There are numerous types of background checks that are used for variant situations. In order to help you and make you understand about background checks and Pre-Employment Screening and more about it, we have listed some type of background checks that are commonly considered by the employment services and other services in every country.

  1. Employment Checks and Screening
  2. Professional license background checks
  3. Personal background checks
  4. Credit background checks
  5. International background checks
  6. Fingerprint background checks
  7. E-Verify background checks
  8. OIG background checks
  9. Universal background checks
  10. Criminal background checks

These are the main 10 types of background checks that carried out in every country in order to ensure the identity of an individual that they are claiming for. No company or rental company would ever hire someone who has a criminal background or fake identity which is why a background check is essential. Out of these 10 types of background checks, we will talk about the Background Checks Malaysia which is also known as Pre-Employment Screening.

Employer or companies carried out a Pre-Employment Screeningin order to avoid hiring fake identity individual or someone who pose any kind of threat to the workstation or even become an obligation to the business. As per the reports, about seventy-two per cent of companies run Employment Checks and Screening for every employee they about to hire.

A Pre-Employment Screening or Employment Checks and Screening commonly takes place when an individual applies for a particular position in the company, but could also happen at any moment the company believes essential. For instance, a company or business might need semi-annual or annual criminal background check or drug tests for their employees in order to keep the workspace safe and secure.