Angel Checks

Angel Checks is Malaysia is a prominent and best Pre Employment Screening association, particularly famous in Corporate and SME’s.  Angel Checks is the most promising option of big corporations and organizations for management of their affairs dealing with corporate issues and crisis. The company promises quality to internationally identified basics. We aim to deliver projects imbibes with quality, accuracy and punctuality statistics to clients no relation to what their need is.

Angel check organizes itself on working with the great variety of organizational kinds and sizes that relies on the current global business arena. By accessing to quite easy and effective solutions, we can resort to deal with the hardest background screening issues and let organizations and firms work in a better way.

Our investigators are supremely trained and dedicated specialists with the expertise of real-time experience who will promise that your guidelines are held efficiency and with a professional attitude, and in perfectly synchronized confidence. Angel Check has a very determined and reliable team who never puts their customer’s quality on stake. Our team has been in association with dedicatedly solving their recruitment issues and discovers ways for our clients preserving those thousands in expenditure cost. Our determined team has gained good experience in association with Powerful Multinational Companies (MNC), many Government Linked Companies (GLC’s) and Government based Agencies. Our team has organized to keep our clients contented with the least turnaround time in the organization at a very genuine cost.


Angel check allows a portable screening report which is adjustable for all scale margins of the companies like it is suitable for multinational companies as well as a small and medium scale. Enterprises screening is for sectors like civil litigation, industrial court, security type criminal, interlope, maintained Blacklist degree cross-check, Employment history checking and reference check etc.

Pre-Employment screening plays an essential in supporting and protecting companies from cheaters, frauds and disloyal employees and Post-employment screening plays a vital role in checking periods of an employee’s terms and help in preserving company’s assets and position.

Employment checks

Employment checks are important in discovering fraud employees and root out the dishonest ones. Employment background checks preserve organization assets and position and also dig the way for efficient services for customers.

Background check Malaysia

Background checks help in combating serious risk like from criminal base and education financial crisis. True workforce is productive and weaves positive results. The unethical and disloyal attitude from employees is dangerous for the company’s evolution and can lead to serious problems and will also hamper the success of the company.

What is the role of Background Screening in supporting your Company?

A new study conducted by exemplified that about 2,5000 hiring managers discovered that 50% of the received job candidate actually deceiving on their resume.  Regularly, fib trends to be establishing skills abilities and capabilities state that among 100 people, 64 says that they had been acquainted with this phenomenon long ago and 54 says that they have red-handed caught participants taking advantages when detailed about the prospect of their duties. Most of the people have justified that employees hired by companies actually did not work for them. Most of these managers found them initially through basics of check firm.

Pre-Background check informs you about all these practices in advance and plays a pivotal role when it comes to benefits of your organization. It helps your business making organization prosper in a more efficient way and help you deal with all the issues in a more effective and sorted way. These checks also protect your company from severe losses and also help in evolving it as a concrete firm in terms of business prospects.