Hiring a new employee is not always as simple as easy as it appears. There are numerous issues to bear in mind and way too much at stake. For this reason, most recruiters tend to conduct long hiring procedures before they can single out the right person. However, there is more to hiring an individual than simply knowing that they fit the job description. Depending on the nature of the job and the premises where the employees are required to operate from, it may be appropriate to do more than just finding a person that fits the job profile. If you would like to make sure that the person you have found is perfect for the job, you can do well to take the following additional steps.

Going beyond the job description

Generally, recruiters are only interested in making sure that the person they have hired is right for a specific job description. They are not interested in knowing more about the person provided one has gone through the interviews pertaining to their client’s job details. However, it is necessary to go beyond the basic details of the job description. There are numerous reasons that can account for this. First of all, it is necessary to know the background of the person. In most cases, the hiring agents do not really care about Employment Checks and Screening or related details because the employer may not ask for them or they may not have the means of getting them. Nevertheless, experience has shown that such details have an impact on the ability of the employee to fit in the new environment and to deliver according to expectations.

Apart from knowing the background of the employee, it may be appropriate to learn about any past criminal records that the individual may have been involved in. Such information is often unavailable on the resume and most recruiting agencies are not able to get it. If you happen to hire a person that has a past criminal record, you risk compromising the security of your company’s accounts or even important documents. For example, hiring a fraud may predispose your firm to internal attack ranging from stealing financial details to syphoning money from the company’s coffers.

What do you have to do?

Based on the information above, it is more than clear that the recruiting firms do not go beyond the resume of the employee. Rather, they simply analyse the resume and make sure that it is consistent with the job description. In order to get the details that lie beyond the resume, you can do well to take advantage of Pre Employment Screening investigators. They actually have the means to dig deeper and uncover any hidden information about an employee. In this way, they are able to tell if the individual has a criminal background or not. This can help you to avoid hiring such an employee, to simply caution them or to give them roles that are less sensitive.