Fake job losses are one of the biggest problems businesses have.

In recent years the job losses faked in our country have increased by up to 40%. More and more workers are pretending to be short either to have more free time, to enjoy holidays or to work elsewhere while benefiting financially from such a casualty.

One must keep in mind that job losses are fundamental rights of workers but the problem begins when these casualties are used fraudulently.

Why hire a private detective to investigate an alleged fake work drop?

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that the private detective is the only one legally qualified to investigate these cases.
  • Employers should know that if they suspect that any of their workers are faking a drop and want to take legal action, by law, they can investigate the worker with Pre-Employment Screening. A worker’s private investigation of allegedly fake descent is endorsed by the Supreme Court.
  • In order to report a false leave, legal evidence must be available to prove the veracity of that accusation, therefore the figure of the private detective is fundamental in these investigations.
  • If the evidence collected by the private detective shows that the worker is taking a leave, the job and salary can be suspended and even the dismissal from and without compensation from the worker.

Private detectives are the only ones legally authorized to prove these facts and deliver evidence to serve in court.

  • The job private detectives usually do is follow up on the person being investigated for evidence as to whether to fake their ailment or have another job. Each case is different and is treated in a personalized way to offer the best service.
  • Once the evidence was obtained, they would already be used to take action with the worker or even provide them in court if necessary. But employment checks and screening tests in some cases are not easy to get. The most common cases of fraudulent and easier-to-prove casualties are injuries to any limb (leg, arm, etc.) or muscle ailments, because if the worker alleges an injury or muscle ailment and evidence is obtained from that employee performing efforts or activities that he should not if he really suffered those ailments. The most difficult cases of casualties are those related to mood or psychological ailments because symptoms are not physically seen.

If you suspect that any of your employees may be faking a job leave, contact Angel Checkthey’ll help you prove it with Pre-Employment Screening.

Why chose Angel Checks?

Our team of private detectives has high experience in the sector infiltrating different companies and organizations. In addition, Angel Checks have different profiles of people attending to sex, age, training among other aspects, so that their characterization fits perfectly on paper.

Based on the established objective of the investigation, Employment Checks and Screening agents will take a profile and carry out their work to uncover the purpose of infiltration. In addition, our agents not only have knowledge but also the material and tools that facilitate the collection of information and are key to obtaining objective and valid evidence.