Pre Employment Screening is common practice for many companies before extending an offer of employment. At some point throughout the interview process, prospective employers will do a screening to help them make a hiring choice. Numerous pre-employment checks allow prospective employers to learn everything they need to know about you.

Pre-employment screening and its advantages

Employers need to be sure they are recruiting capable people. Therefore, pre-employment screening is crucial. It also aids in keeping businesses safe from claims of irresponsible hiring. Companies can lower their risk of hiring someone who isn’t a good fit for the position by performing background checks on applicants. There are several upsides to conducting thorough Pre Employment Screening on potential employees before hiring. Some examples of these advantages are:

Hiring fewer dishonest people is a major benefit-

Employers can mitigate the risk of hiring someone who misrepresents their qualifications or has a criminal record by completing background checks and drug tests.

  • Productivity gains among staff members:

Companies thrive when they hire competent workers who fit the available positions well.

  • Increased Confidence:

To show current workers that you value their safety and security, implement stringent measures during the hiring process.

Background Checks for Potential Employees in Malaysia

In Malaysia, prospective employers must do a background check before hiring applicants. Background checks reveal a candidate’s career history, academic achievements, and disciplinary records; this information is crucial during hiring. Evaluating a candidate’s appropriateness for a job might be aided by doing a background check. They assist firms in eliminating unqualified applicants and heading off problems before they start.

Why are Background Checks Necessary for All Employees and Job Applicants in Malaysia?

The recruiting process is complete with a background check. Background checks on prospective employees are necessary for numerous reasons. The most typical one is checking the applicant’s background to ensure they have no criminal records that would render them unfit for the job or put the business at risk.

When hiring new staff, what kinds of background checks do companies in Malaysia often conduct?

Public documents, personal interviews, and online profiles are some of the resources that can be mined for information during a background check. The most prevalent kind of Background Screening Malaysia employers may leave you guessing. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Verifying Previous Convictions

This will include checking for active court cases and prior convictions and arrests. This aims to verify that the applicant has no serious criminal convictions that would disqualify them from working in their desired field.

  1. Verification of Credit History

The applicant’s payment history, including the frequency and duration of late payments and any defaults, will be reviewed. This will review data from key credit reporting agencies to give you an idea of how a candidate has handled their finances in the past.

  1. Verify Online Presence

This will scour social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for any mentions of a potential employee. Your public social media postings and comments will be gathered in one place.

  1. Confirming Previous Work Experience

This will contact the candidate’s previous employer to inquire about the length of time they were employed there and whether or not there were any problems with their performance on the job.

  1. Verification of Academic Background

This is done to ensure that the applicants’ claimed levels of educational attainment are accurate. The principal, registrar, or other appropriate personnel at their school will be contacted to verify the information provided on the application.


Hiring is difficult for everyone involved, from applicants to HR staff. Both employers and job prospects want to avoid making poor hiring judgments, and both want to present themselves in the best light.