Angel Checks provides background screening services for both Individuals and Corporate.

Pre – Employment Background Screening

Individual Screening

Prior to hiring new staff and to check on existing staff, you can use our own background screening program.

We screen and verify tens of thousands of resumes every year so our customers have a Peace of Mind when they hire. Almost half of the resumes we’ve screen have embellishments and are exaggerated. So how can you tell what’s real and what’s not?

Most companies would typically conduct a reference check when they want to hire a candidate. But there are so many more things in a resume that needs to be checked out. But sometimes, there is just not enough time, resources or know-how to do so.

Angel Checks offers an all-in-one screening report that is customizable to any small or large company’s requirement.

So screen before you hire, to verify that the person you are hiring is who they say they are and can do the job you are hiring them for.

Our Employee Background Check screens for Civil Litigation, Industrial Court, Security Criminal, Interpol, Regulatory Blacklist, Financial Probity, Degree/Certificate Verification, Employment History Verification, Reference Checks, and much more.

Post Employment Background Screening

While pre-employment screening plays a critical role in helping to protect companies from dishonest employees, too few realise that post employment screening, conducted at regular intervals throughout an employee’s term of tenure, is equally as important in protecting company assets. An employee with ten years’ work experience is rarely, if ever, checked out as a potential security risk, yet the empirical evidence is overwhelming that serious fraud is committed by people in important positions which they have held over long periods of time

Post-Employment Background Check, allows a company to manage any risks posed by existing employees, who may have no criminal or unfavourable intent when coming on board, but whose loyalty may have changed at a later date.


Post-Employment Background Check strengthens your HR Risk Management to:

  • Maintain the quality of employees
  • Reduce negligent employee risks
  • Improve employee retention
  • Enhance regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Maintain workplace safety
  • Eliminate data privacy breaches

A recent post employment screening carried out by Griffiths and Associates for a major retail group showed that seven percent of all employees who had started work with a clean record, had, since commencement of employment, acquired criminal records for serious offenses, ranging from robbery to drugs – all without the employer’s knowledge.

We at Angel Checks emphasize that  post employment checks  are not intended to find fault, if any, with all employees, but only weed out the ones with something to hide. The best way to allay any fears or misconceptions about post-employment screenings is to be transparent and upfront about your intentions.

Angel Checks believe that Clients should explain the reason for such a program and inform employees that any information obtained from the screening will be kept strictly confidential. Employees must feel confident and agree that Post-Employment Background Checks not only protect the organization and customers from wayward employees, but secures the financial and personal safety of all other staff. This will allow for a smoother Post-Employment Background Check process.

Angel Checks also specializes in :

Angel Checks can conduct detailed background screening on current and prospective business relationships, including potential merger / acquisition targets, and provide insight into their backgrounds, integrity, and financial standing.

It’s crucial that you fully understand the integrity of the people with whom you will be involved with before engaging in a business relationship. The value and reputation of your corporation or business depends on the reputation of your association.  Angel Checks will help to empower your decision-making, our corporate screening services include consulting and fully customizing a screening program whether on an as-needed basis or for consistent use.

Companies across industries, geographies, and scale know that this is a problem. Well over half of dealmakers Water Street surveyed in 2015 admitted that their firm has significant room for improvement in screening potential joint venture partners for capabilities, alignment, fit, and values. This weakness leads to a list of high-profile venture failures that can find their roots in poor partner screening.

we know that a thorough way of screening potential joint venture partners is tough. This is particularly true if you are assessing someone who you don’t know well, but it can still be difficult determining if someone is going to be easy to work with, even if you do know them.

Angel Checks can help you using our industry know how and put your mind at ease.

When hiring a new director or filling another senior position, you need to know that the candidate you are considering will help your business in the long run. And that means in-depth checks on that person’s history. A current or previous directorship in a candidate’s record could potentially cause a conflict of interest situation for your business. Through highlighting any previous and existing directorships.

Angel Checks offer a range of directorship checks and searches to uncover any potential issues that could cause your business problems going forward. We’ll make you aware of all of the facts, allowing you to make the best decisions for your business. Angel Checks screening can give you the confidence you need, to ensure that what a candidate is telling you is correct.

Tenant Screening that includes a tenant background check with current and previous landlord, a tenant criminal search and tenant eviction search should be conducted by you in each instance where a new applicant is considered for rent. Where this is the criteria for every applicant, it will minimize the risk of rental income loss and the perception of discrimination.

Tenant Screening minimizes the risk of renting to high-risk tenants who don’t pay rent, damage rental property, are involved in criminal activity etc. These risk factors can affect everybody and it is a landlord’s responsibility to protect the rental community by doing what is reasonable in that endeavor. Nobody wants to be at risk because someone chooses not to obey rules, and has a negative impact on lifestyle

Landlords and property managers want to know who’s getting the key to an expensive piece of real estate and they want to ensure that it’s going to be looked after. They want to make sure that the rent will be paid and that it’s on time. This serves to enhance every tenant’s rental experience, because where tenant and landlord respect and cooperate with each other, life is better.

Borrowers will need to fulfil some of the checklist in order to be eligible for loans. At Angel checks we help clients to ensure all declarations made by borrowers are genuine and they do not have any other financial loans from any other parties.

Borrower Eligibility:

  • The borrower can demonstrate the financial ability to repay the loan in a timely fashion.
  • The borrower is not or has not been subject to any penalties for lack of compliance with laws and regulations at the site subject to the loan.
  • The borrowers current financial standings.
  • The borrowers working environment and history.

Loan review process is almost the same across most if not all Banks to make it easy for potential borrowers to negotiate the best loan package available to them. Even-though majority potential borrowers usually are honest and making sure all their documents are in order but they will always be a small number that may be committing identity fraud in securing the loans with no intentions of paying it back. Even with proper paperwork some potential borrowers may not have a good track record example, some may have prior loan defaulted or have been involved with fraud. Wether your financial institution is in home equity credit or short term loan or consumer or commercial loans, it is prudent that you should do a background screen on the borrower to make sure they are honest in their assets declarations or paperwork put forward in securing the loan. AngelChecks can run a screen check on potential borrowers so they are who they say they are and there may not be any chance of fraud being committed.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of non-primary business activities and functions to a third-party provider. BPO services include payroll, human resources (HR), accounting and customer/call center relations.

BPO that is contracted outside a company’s country is called offshore outsourcing. BPO that is contracted to a company’s neighbouring (or nearby) country is called nearshore outsourcing.

Business process outsourcing promises cost savings, use of shared resources and greater efficiencies. However, is fraught with risks, whether onshore or offshore.

The risks in outsourcing:

  • Operational risks. Possible slippages on quality, cost or speed of process execution.
  • Strategic risks. Related to issues such as protection of intellectual property, security and privacy.
  • Composite risks. Longer term risks, such as losing the capability to execute such business processes in-house in the future due to loss of talent and knowledge of the business process.
  • Data privacy breaches
  • Underestimated running costs

Angel Checks can help reduce the risk with checks on the company that the business process have been outsourced to from the staff to management to the whole process.

Claim Management Services help manage insurance claims. Claim management services can be particularly useful for those who are unfamiliar with the claims process or who do not have the time or resources to manage their claims themselves. At AngelChecks, we can help you navigate this complicated field.

Angel Checks works with Claims management services that handles work carried out for people or companies that suffer damage, as well as for the insurance provider. What does this work involve?

  • Registering notice of claim (by telephone, e-mail, post or online), which automatically opens the client file.
  • Checking the cover: is the damage insured and up to what amount?Asking for documents such as police reports of road accidents, medical reports in case of injury, invoices, etc.
  • Determining which party is liable for the damage if another party is involved.
  • Determining the amount of the claim and engaging a loss adjuster if necessary.
  • Arranging for the damage to be repaired or for transport back home if the damage occurs abroad.
  • Paying the claim to the insured party.
  • Initiate subrogation process to recover  loss from a responsible third party, if applicable.
  • Reporting to our client (the insurance provider), including management information, showing e.g. the progress of all their claims files and the total amounts to be reserved and paid.
  • Fraud prevention checks.
Angel Checks provides help to your clients by pre-vetting candidates and employee screening before interview.

It’s important that you help your client recruit the right person for their business in a timely manner. Spending a lot of time interviewing applicants only to then see that time wasted, can be very frustrating. Having an in-house employee vetting service can add value and efficiency to your service by reducing the candidate list on your client’s behalf.

Angel Checks employ telephone screens, assessment centres or psychometric profiles and to implement the most relevant process in order to filter through the best talent. Angel Checks will also help with the Competency-based interviewing (CBI) to help eliminate subjectivity and help your clients make more effective hiring decisions. CBI delves into the dynamics of individual behaviour in a comparable environment to get the real story, rather than the part-fiction, part-truth alternative.

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