Almost all businesses and companies have a talent acquisitions team who are part of their human resource department and are involved in shortlisting and interviewing potential candidates for a job profile.

One of the major tools that the HR department can make use of during the process of recruitment is to have a Pre-Employment Screening which is mainly done to ensure whether the candidate is suitable for your company or not.

This screening further helps in ensuring that no candidate is employed on the basis of wrong information which is given in the application form. It is important for you to know that pre-employment screening diminishes the risk of hiring a candidate who might turn into a liability for the company in the future.

If the employment screening is implemented well, several checks are performed including education verification, employment verification, criminal background check, and several others.  

Checklist of pre-employment screening 

At the time of designing pre-employment screening requirements, there are several services that you can choose from. There are chances that some of them might be relevant for your company due to which you need to create a tactical plan for the pre-employment screening procedure.

Here are some common options that are available:

  • Social security number verification
  • Criminal records search
  • Driving records search
  • Education verification
  • Reference check
  • License verification
  • Employment verification 

How much time is involved in the process of pre-employment screening?

In order to attain accurate information about a candidate’s background, a lot of effort is required.

Consequently, the process of the pre-employment screen takes time of almost 3-5 days to put all the right information together and avoid errors in it.  

How one can know about the status of screening?

Once the screening is done successfully, the screening company will get in touch with the HR team and provide the results.

As the results of the pre-employment screening are reviewed properly and then the company decides whether they want to continue further with the recruitment process or not.  

What happens if the pre-employment screening shows negative results for a candidate?

In case, the pre-employment screening is showing undesirable results or mismatch between the real information and the information which is given in the application form by an applicant.

This will not only save the company’s expense but also avoid the HR team hiring a candidate which is not apt for the company.  

When the employment screening will take place?

For pre-employment screening, it is necessary for the job applicant to provide their agreement.

However, you will be made aware of the screening when the job offer is put forward that too from an applicant’s point of view. Later, the concerned expert will request for the screening which needs to be done with the applicant in order to know about their background.

Therefore, it is necessary to pick a reputed agency like Angel Checks that specializes in pre-employment screening and Employment Checks and Screening