Are you hiring the right candidate for your company? It is important to conduct a strict verifying and background screening process for the employees before hiring them to stay away from any potential risk. There is an increasing number of applicants. Without a proper screening, it can lead to poor hiring decision.

Necessity for Employment Screening

A detailed background screening Malaysia helps in ensuring that you are hiring the right candidate for the company. A lot of people fake their certificates, education qualifications, job experience, past record, and criminal cases. With help of screening process, it helps in verifying if all the information by candidate is true.

  • It helps in finding out information about the candidate which includes education, business interest, experiences, criminal background, skills etc.
  • It helps in preventing wrong hiring by identifying if the documents provided by the employee are fake or real.
  • The background screening helps in cross-referencing with previous companies and keeps the employee from generating fake certificates, qualification, and professional experiences.
  • This is an essential to ensure that the candidate does not have criminal background and is not a threat to the company.

With the screening done, it reduces the liability for the company. There have been numerous cases when an employee is hired at a senior management position but is not able to perform his duties well. In such cases, it is often found that fake documents were provided for hiring.

Pre and Post employment screening of Employee

It is important to mostly conduct a pre- and post-employment screening and verification so that the right candidate is hired. With help of the screening it prevents the candidate from lying and putting up fake information in the resume. A pre-employment check saves the hassle of hiring a wrong person.

With help of the pre employment screening, a company is already aware of the candidate before the hiring is completed. This helps a company to eliminate candidates not being honest about the resume. With help of screening, it helps a company to hire a productive and right candidate.

It helps in significantly reducing the risk. The advantage of pre-screening is that background verification is done before hiring. This reduces the attrition and hiring of an incompetent person. It is equally important to conduct a post hiring screening and this helps in protecting the assets of the company.

Hiring a professional company for verification

It is important to hire a professional background verification and screening company for doing all the screening process. Although a long-term employee in a senior position is not a potential threat but he may dwindle and release out inside information.

It is often found that serious fraud is committed by long term employee. With help of a professional verification company, you not only screen a candidate before hiring but also do verification for existing long-term employee. This helps in reducing risks.

A professional company has their sources and strategic procedure to verify and find out the accurate information. This helps in improving the employee retention, maintain compliance, reduce frauds, retain quality employee and reduce the breach of privacy along with covering safety of the workplace.